Julian Nagele


I'm a postdoctoral research assistant in the Theory Group of the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London. Before that, I was a research and teaching assistant and PhD student advised by Aart Middeldorp in the Computational Logic Group at the University of Innsbruck.


email: mail__AT__jnagele.net
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I am involved in the following events:

Past events ...
  • Co-Organizer of the 7th International Confluence Competition (CoCo 2018), Oxford, UK, 2018
  • PC-Member for the 7th International Workshop on Confluence (IWC 2018), Oxford, UK, 2018
  • Co-Organizer of the 6th International Confluence Competition (CoCo 2017), Oxford, UK, 2017
  • Lecturer at the 9th International School on Rewriting (ISR 2017), Eindhoven, The Netherlands, July 2017
  • Co-Organizer of the 5th International Confluence Competition (CoCo 2016), Obergurgl, Austria, 2016
  • Co-Organizer of the 4th International Confluence Competition (CoCo 2015), Berlin, Germany, 2015


At Queen Mary I'm a member of the project Logical Approach to Code Generation and Optimization, working on a novel compiler optimization approach based on constraint solving.

During an internship at Microsoft Research in spring 2017, I worked on Alive, a tool that can prove correctness of peephole optimizations.

At the University of Innsbruck I was a member of the following projects, devising tools for automatic and certified analysis of rewrite systems:



Journal Articles

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Teaching Activities


In spring 2019 I am delivering the module on Compilers at at Queen Mary University of London.

ISR 2017

At the advanced track of the 9th International School on Rewriting, Vincent van Oostrom and I gave a course on commutation. You can find our material here.


At the University of Innsbruck I was a teaching assistant for the following courses:

Supervised Bachelor Theses

I have (co-)supervised the following bachelor theses at UIBK:


I share many things with my partner Maria A Schett. For things we want to share in the future, and if you want to join in, download our list of ideas (password is the name of our hoover robot).

When not verifying software, I'm a regular social badminton player and recreational runner. I ran in and would recommend the following races: EDP Lisbon Half Marathon 2017, Midnight Sun Run, Iceland 2014, BIG 25 Berlin 2013, Semi Marathon de Paris 2012.

My Erdös number is 5 (Nagele -> Middeldorp -> Avenhaus -> Plaisted -> Zaks -> Erdös).